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Fitness DNA Test

Identify 31 genetic traits that are essential to fitness including strength , recovery & performance.

AED 2200

Point 220000

Nutrition DNA Test

Create ideal fitness routine to maximize weight loss and discover your competitive edge.

AED 1950

Point 195000

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Calculate your cardiovascular risk today.

AED 1450

Point 145000

STD Comprehensive Profile

Worried about an infection ? Confidential STD testing at your door step.

AED 1500

Point 150000

Comprehensive Diabetic Screen

Are you on path to Diabetes ? Are you pre diabetic ? Take the risk test today from the comfort of your home.

AED 650

Point 65000

General Well Being Package For Seniors

Sample collection done at home for 46 Parameters. Get free BP,SPO2 & random blood sugar checked.

AED 699

Point 69900

Advance Wellness Health Test For Him & Her

Get a complete insight of your health today. A healthy outside starts from inside.

AED 799

Point 79900

Doctor On Call- ** PROMOTIONAL OFFER**

Our expert Medical Healthcare staff will visit you at the comfort of your home or hotel room , diagnose the condition ,issue the prescription with medicines delivered at your home / hotel.

AED 150

Point 15000

Stress Arrestor

Alleviate anxiety symptoms while supporting your physical and mental health,combat oxidative stress. It also helps to decrease muscle damage,reduce recovery time and increase endurance.

AED 1100

Point 110000

(His) Vitality & Vigor

Includes nutrients to boost Testosterone levels,optimizes muscle building,rectify chemical imbalances,regulate metabolism and enhance performance.Other benefits include anti inflammation,better immunity,younger & healthier skin, better athletic performance

AED 1100

Point 110000

(Her) Beauty & Vitality

Additional supplementation is often needed during stress, hormone imbalances, or illness. Mulk Med IV therapy can help boost a woman’s immune system and balance her body. For specifically blessed women , this infusion is perfectly balaced with high vitamin - mineral ,iron dose for hormonal balance.This infuison will leave you with a boosted mood & enhanced vitality.

AED 1100

Point 110000

Immunity Improved

For your immune support , an anti inflammatory infuison for protection against infections and illness recovery & recuperation.Blend of high dosage of Vitamin B,VitaminC & Zinc gives you a max boost of immunity.It helps to target infections , chronic fatigue & weakness.

AED 1100

Point 110000

Liver Cleanser/ Hangover/Detox

A cocktail of high doses of multivatimins , minerals & natural antioxidants to detoxify your liver , protect your heart & body from free radicals.Liver cleanse is potentially beneficial for you if you are fatigued, lead a high stress lifestyle, smoke or have a fatty liver and consume alcohol.

AED 1100

Point 110000

Fountain Of Youth

This cocktail unlocks younger looking skin , detoxifies the body & promotes cellular repair to leave you feeling revitalized & reinvigorated.Turn back the clock with this powerful anti-aging IV therapy loaded with natural antioxidants , multivitamins and essential nutrients.

AED 1100

Point 110000

Gut Health

Gut health is a crucial part of holistic bodily wellness and is essential to overall health. Regular IV therapy sessions repairs ulcerated intestines & detoxifies the body , making your microbiome as healthy as possible.The infusion overall strengthens the immune system and detoxifies the body.

AED 1100

Point 110000